Igloo Coolers

Igloo coolers are one of the most popular, famous and appreciated products. I mean most people, if you’re like us, have 1 or 2 of these in sitting in the garage. These coolers are a trusted product for camping, and are the largest cooler company in the USA. They are tried and tested for decades. You are sure to enjoy the benefits of a having an Igloo cooler. Igloo does what it takes to keep its products’ quality and style consistent. The ultimate aim for Igloo is excellence with keeping food cool and simple yet functional style. The credit goes to the quality and durability of their products

Igloo coolers are also really easy to maintain. One reason these coolers are so popular are because they are very easy to clean and care for, all-beneficial for some lasting decades of use. Here is how easy it is. Just give it a good cleaning with soap and water before putting it away for the next camping season. Wash the insides and the outsides of the cooler. If there are stains, just use baking soda. If there are odors, just use a mixture of bleach and water, or, you can wipe the insides of the cooler with vanilla or peppermint extract. You can also add saturated cotton balls leaving them inside the Igloo coolers overnight. Lastly, let the cooler air dry completely without the lid on.

An Igloo cooler is good at keeping the odor of your food locked inside so as it does not attract uninvited guests. There are bear proof containers available in a variety of sizes; however it may not be practical to carry one of these durable containers to camp though. This cooler with a snap-lock lid will easily suffice as a strong and reliable storage. Second to a cooler’s added use is its benefit while fishing. This cooler is actually one of the most important tools for fishing. If you are bringing live bait, then a cooler is perfect for keeping it fresh. The same ice in the cooler can also be used in keeping your catch fresh until you toss it on the grill. We have an additional Igloo cooler that we will take along with us when we are visiting the beach or taking a trip to the pool.

Both The Cooler Tray™ product and the Cooler Belt products fit well with almost all sizes and styles of Igloo coolers; specifically the rectangle coolers from 45qt up to 110 qt. We will be offering our products for their square wheeled coolers in the near future.