About US


The Cooler Tray™ came to life at the beginning of 2014. It was designed to liberate the millions of recreational ice chest users from the hassle of sifting through cold, wet, and dirty ice water to retrieve their food.

The Cooler Tray™ is FDA compliant and made of sturdy, moisture-resistant polyethylene. The design provides enough support for 80 lbs of food & beverages, and the tray height allows you to place 15-20 lbs of ice without having to empty the cooler.

It assembles easily and securely without any tools. With our patented Groovy Wave™ tray design, nearly all melted ice water drops below the tray to leave your food cold, clean and fresh.

The Cooler Tray™ is a product of our outdoor brand and mother company Ice-Olate™ and manufactured 100% in the USA.