Cooler Belt


Enjoy taking the Cooler Belt wherever you go; weather it’s the shooting range, beach, lake, that special spot on the mountain, a family reunion or sporting event. You’ll wonder how you lived without the Cooler Belt. Even your pets will get excited about the new cooler belt stuffed with treats!



Stay organized and give a custom look to your cooler with the Cooler Belt; perfect for tailgating, camping or going to the beach!

Plenty of Pockets to Carry the Essentials

Single Wide Double Lined Pocket
Double Wide, Double Lined Pockets
12 inches of utility velcro for a snug fit
Bungee Strapped pockets to hold extra items
XL Pockets to Fit your Electronic Solar Panel
Tactical Molle Straps for Personal Customizations
Half Moon Design for Easy Access to the Drain Spout
100% Poly 420D PVC Backing
› Light Weight
› Weather Resistant

With our Utility Velcro Buckle the Cooler Belt will fit a variety of the most common brands and sizes:



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