How It Works

We came up with an innovative “patent pending” tray which allows melted ice water to pass through the tray, keeping the food and other contents dry. You will no longer have to find your food swimming in cross-contaminated dirty water. Not only that but it will extend the life of the ice in your cooler up to 24 hours longer than normal. It definitely makes life in the outdoors a little more stress free.

Until now the only solution to this problem is a spigot to drain the water; which isn’t a solution at all, because it doesn’t solve the problem of a soggy food mess. Like this picture ….

Trays For Coolers

a little hot dog juice mixed with your lettuce and grapes


The Cooler Tray™ is a universal and can be adjusted both in length and width to fit most coolers. Assembly is simple and can be done in just a few quick steps. Once assembled place The Cooler Tray™ in the base of your cooler. When your ready use your cooler, simply place your food items in your cooler and they will sit on the tray. Cover your food in ice and your ready to go. As your driving to your chosen location or setting up camp you can rest assured that as the ice is melting and other frozen items you have in the cooler to help keep items cool start to warm up; your food will be safe and dry.

The Cooler Tray™ also is a huge help when emptying out your cooler. Simply grab the handles and lift the cooler tray out of your cooler with all the item still on it, and carry all your items into the house all at once. Simply leave your cooler outside to dump or drain and never again deal with a big clean up.

Ice Tray Quick Step Guide

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