Igloo and Coolers

Igloo was introduced to the market in 1947 and they have come a long way since then. They started out with a metal water cooler, the first of it’s kind. Today’s Igloo coolers are Plastic and come in many shapes and sizes; they also come with swing up handles, wheels, and hatches.

Food trays for igloo coolers

Drinks in Ice Chest

You can buy today’s Igloo coolers in a variety of styles from bag coolers to bench coolers, or even pull behind wheeled ones too. There are a wide variety of options and choices, more than you may have ever thought available.

This company stands by its product quality, and are resistant to chipping, and warping. The exterior is made of high-density polyethylene and FDA approved polypropylene on the interior.

These coolers offer the best available for the summer, whether at work or play. Truly, with these coolers, you can get your cooling needs met. Other brands, too, should be investigated so that you can compare quality, price and performance. Igloo cooler accessories are popular choices for those who love outdoor parties, because they are meant to keep food and drinks cold for hours. When you use The Cooler Tray™ product with any brand of cooler your ice will last up to 24 hours longer. This is due to the air circulation between the food and ice being elevated above the ice melt (water), and the fact that your ice is not sitting in the water, which significantly slows the ice melting process