3 key components to camping

Thecoolertray.com offers camping accessories for first time campers to veteran outdoorsman, and want to make sure that you are not forgetting those special things that will make your life easier on your trip. Check out these top 3 things you can’t forget, when going camping.

Cooler Accessories

Father at camping site with family, carrying cooler

  1. A Tent: We know this one is already on your list but just in case, remember that whatever tent you choose, it should absolutely adapt to weather conditions. Check out the size and how easy it is to assemble. You do not want to spend hours figuring out where the poles go. If your trip includes a walking trip, and you are going to be carrying your tent around make sure it is not too heavy for you. Your tent should be comfortable and safe. Many camping tent accessories have seams, waterproof floors; zipper protection and it should be very resistant
  2. Sleeping bags: Comfortable sleeping bags are very important in your camping trip. Do not forget the size and material is important when choosing one. Remember to check the weather so you know if it is going to be hot or freezing outside. You’ll want to know what temperatures your sleeping man can handle, so that you can have a great night sleep.
  3. Food Cooler / Ice Chest: Your camping cooler will keep your food and drinks cold for an extended amount of time. There are dozens of brands and types of coolers out there. Preference in choice is the biggest decision but the type of activities you participating could also influence your choice. For example if you are a weekend camper or go to the lake every once in a while Coleman or Igloo bran coolers have lots of options and great prices too. If you are more active and camp for longer periods of time or go on hunting or fishing trips then maybe you’ll want to look at heavier duty brands like: Yeti, Grizzly, Bison or Canyon coolers.