Symbiotic Hostess

THIS is a great idea. It really works and keeps your food dry and cold.

Alice H.

This cooler try is working very well in my coleman 50 qt cooler with wheels. It has kepy all food out of the water! A very simple concept that works very well. I’m surprised Coleman does not build something like this into the design of the cooler.  

C. P. Garlitz

Super easy to install and works perfectly. Biggest thing I noticed right away: Cardboard egg cartons didn’t fall apart like they always do. This should be standard equipment on every cooler.    

Michelle Foulger

Just wanted to say thank you for getting my Cooler Tray to me before our trip.  It was great!  I was so pleased with the way it performed.  I still had block ice from a week ago when we unpacked the cooler yesterday! Thanks again for a great product!